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01 July 2007 @ 12:06 am

 Not much to report today - pain is getting better and i was able to wash my hair by myself today yay! I watched Jimmy in Jekyll which was fantastic - i was hooked although if i'm honest Gina Bellman got on my nerves. I then saw him on Dame Edna which was very funny..

 Rich is supposed to get back tonight, but it seems unlikely. There was a car that crashed into the terminal at Glasgow airport, suspected terrorist act, and added to that there are huge floods in Northern England and apparently the rain is going to get worse tonight. I honestly don't know how those poor people can take any more. My heart goes out to them all.

 I wonder if Rich will bother to text me to come round to talk which was the agreement? Probably not - i ain't holding my breath/

 On a happier note, am i the only one who is happy the spice girls are getting back together for a tour?! I gave in and downloaded their Spice Album, and i still remember all the songs! (I used to be obsessed) and i guess it all just reminds me of happier times, before the shit hit the fan so to speak lol and also a more innocent time, when all i worried about was making up with my best friend after yet another argument lol And i wanna see them live - i never got to before lol i doubt anyone will come with me though lololololol

 And today, as it is 12.15AM, is officially doomsday: THE SMOKING BAN I have been dreading this day, mainly because England sucks compared to the rest of Europe and will continue to be strict for years. I understand if you are in a small resturant or pub it's not nice if you don't smoke, but if a venue can facilitate a decent smoking area that doesn't interfere with the non-smokers, then why should that be a problem if the owners are happy?? I think it should be up to each owner. I know my local pub has less than 10 clientel who don't smoke. They are already losing money - they will have to shut down now.

 Personally, i find it disgusting that there is a smoking ban in public places, but it is now legal to keep pubs open 24 hours a day. Particularly in my area, the drunken violence is at an all time high, so now it's crazy, added to the amount of people who will now be outside smoking - God help us all. Also, alcohol caused cancer....i''ve seen it's effects. AND a person who smokes won't smoke five cigarettes and get violent (unless they are a violent person anyway). 

 And i feel sorry for those people who don't like travelling on planes or trains - they need a cigarette, sometimes even the ones who don't smoke. Ah this world is going crazy - it is a nanny state.

 AND get this: there is a fine for dropping cigarette butts on the street! Now, i wouldn't mind this if it wasn't for the fact that we have no bins in our town centre let alone somewhere to stub our cigarettes out. And what do we have to do? Go to tourist information and collect a leather case to put our ciggie butts into - bollocks to that. Give us some fucking bins you tight bastards - stop spending all your money on blowing up innocent people arrrrrrrrrg

The other thing being, YOU CAN'T SMOKE IN YOUR HOME AN HOUR BEFORE A HEALTH PROFESSIONAL OR POLICEMAN COMES ROUND. Am i mistaken, or am i being told what i can or can't do in my own home?

 Still, i guess all the money i've been saving up and putting into my 'Fine Jar' will come in useful - looks like i'm gonna be paying a lot of fines this summer let alone this winter!

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01 July 2007 @ 07:28 pm
Blah just watching the diana concert on TV. No word from Rich - hands up who's suprised? Not me. Boy when i next see him is he going to suffer i don't even care if he's worth it. Feeling better today, haven't taken any pain killers although i have a horrible headache that won't shift - i'm probably just uptight..anyway if there are any developments i will let you know x
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01 July 2007 @ 09:01 pm
Spoke to Rich, he made out he was so sorry and felt so guilty. i said i didn't want to talk about it on MSN - he said he cant see me today or tommorow because he's starting his new job - how can he priortise when everything has equal priorities?? ME NEARLY DYING IS AS IMPORTANT AS HIS NEW JOB.